thrift store haul

hey, everyone!

i’ve been really into thrift shopping for the past few years. a lot of my books are from second-hand shops, as well as my homecoming dress from two years ago. & a broken cat clock with incredibly creepy eyes (his name is heath), & some of my favorite clothes.

i always have a good time at thrift stores, especially when i have a friend to search through all the racks & bins with me. also, it’s good for the environment, because buying second-hand helps reduce waste. so basically, thrifting is a win-win-win: fun, easy on your wallet, & good for the planet.

anyway, i went thrift shopping last month & came back with a few great finds that i wanted to show you all!

flora & fauna t-shirt – i saw this shirt while christmas shopping with my mom, & while we both loved it, it was a little too expensive for us. so we were super surprised to find the exact same shirt at the thrift store a month later, because how lucky is that? it’s extremely oversized on me, so i cropped it & sewed the sleeves so they’re rolled up all the time.


fall out boy centuries t-shirt – i was a huge fan of fall out boy in middle school, & while i don’t listen to them quite as much anymore, i thought this was too good of a find to leave at the store. i like the colors & the nostalgia of it.


varsity sweater – i got this solely because it reminded me of the movie grease. i love the fashion in that musical so much, every time i watch it i wish that people still dressed that way. so that’s the main reason behind this buy, but my last name starts with h, so the letter works too.


peony sundress – i have a huge problem with buying sundresses & then never wearing them, & i know this, but it doesn’t stop me from getting more of them whenever i can. & it’s not that i decide i don’t like the dresses once i’ve purchased them or anything. it’s just that i have to wear a uniform at the camp i work at, so i can’t really dress how i want to (i.e. sundresses) during the summer. hopefully i can find a time to wear this, though.


skeleton dress – so this might not have been the most practical purchase, but seriously, how could i have passed this up? it’s not really an everyday kind of dress, but you can bet that i’ll be wearing it around halloween & every time i have to do a presentation in my anatomy class. also, i think the style of this dress is completely adorable; it looks like something you could wear to a tea party (if it didn’t have bones all over it, of course).


b&w gingham dress – this dress is also not extraordinarily practical, but i adore it, so whatever. it’s got schoolgirl/40’s vibes, in my opinion. i would love to wear this dress with red lipstick, but i’m probably too insecure to actually do that in public.

which of these finds is your favorite? do you like thrifting?

xo apollo

a week of outfits

i’ve always been interested in the clothes that other people wear because i believe that they can tell a story of where someone has been, if you’re paying attention. so i took pictures of every outfit i wore last week & documented them along with some details about each day in this post.

there’s not just one style that i like to dress as, although i’m kind of jealous of people who pick one style & stick with it. i’ve got a cherry-patterned sundress hanging in my closet right next to a leather jacket, so obviously i’m a bit all over the place. but i like my clothes most of the time, & i guess that’s what matters. although if i had the money & willpower to have just one style, it would probably be a blend of grunge & 80’s/90’s fashion.

a lot of the photos in this post aren’t great quality because i took them in my room where the lighting is awful, so sorry about that!

monday – oversized flannel (stolen from a friend), skeleton crop top, ripped jeans with black tights, red converse.

i forgot to write in my journal on monday, so i don’t really remember much that happened? i know i worked on an essay comparing different brands of bass drums, but that’s about all i can recall.

i was in my school’s drumline this year, & although i struggled some with memorizing the music (i got another concussion, so i don’t think it was really my fault), it was an amazing experience & i miss it a lot. so my brain’s been focused on percussion the past few months, hence the essay on basses.

sorry for going on a tangent right at the start of my post, but i just love my drumline so much. :’)

tuesday – bomber jacket, pac-man crop top, gray jeans, gray & orange socks.

i guess i was going for retro vibe with this? the colors & pac-man graphics feel kinda vintage to me. & i did have shoes at one point, but my feet hurt really bad from marching in a christmas parade with my band the previous week. so they came off as soon as i got home & i refused to put them back on for the picture.


wednesday – black shirt, orange & blue boho pants, black & copper nikes, silver venus symbol necklace that my arm is covering.

this outfit makes me feel like the main character of an indie coming of age movie, who meets her love interest at a small cafe while writing poetry & people watching. but she refuses to be tied down & after spending a whirlwind of a week with said love interest, she runs away to europe, leaving only her favorite piece of jewelry & a letter that smells of her shampoo.


thursday – this outfit has my favorite color palette (blue, red, and gray/black are easily the most common colors in my closet), and i lowkey feel like an e-girl when i wear it. is that a good thing? who knows. anyway, the my chemical romance tee was given to me by a friend (it’s way too big for me, but it’s ok because it’s special), & i layered it over a maroon shirt that i got at this winter retreat. the rest of the look consists of the same jeans i wore monday, combat boots, & a belt i “borrowed” from my mom about a year ago.

i had to go to the doctor thursday evening to get a sports physical (soccer pre-season is starting), & while i was there, i found out that i have a deviated septum from breaking my nose, & also really mild thoracic scoliosis. i had never heard either of those things before, & it kinda blew my mind? i don’t understand how i’ve had those conditions my whole life & didn’t find out until high school. wild.


friday – school got cancelled because of some freezing rain (our first day off school of the year!!), so i just picked something comfortable: adidas leggings & a shirt i got while volunteering at a youth retreat last year.


the back has this cute lil bear on it, but it’s ridiculously hard to photograph the back of your own shirt (this was my best attempt), so you’ll just have to trust me on this.

it was too gross to go outside, so i spent the day putting together a fairly last minute christmas list & reading a book for my biotechnology class. it’s called the immortal life of henrietta lacks, & it’s about how the never-dying cancer cells of a black woman have been used to advance science. her cells were used in the space program, the human genome project, and were used to develop the polio vaccine. she’s enabled huge medical and scientific discoveries, & it blows my mind that i had never heard of her immortal cell line until this year. it’s actually a super interesting book & i’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in science, medicine, or overlooked but essential women of history.


saturday – my AHG troop was participating in a ceremony for wreaths across america, so i had to wear my uniform. we did a flag ceremony & helped lay wreaths on the graves of veterans. & i ran into my math teacher from middle school because his son was playing taps for the event, which was great because he’s one of my favorite teachers ever. he always calls me by my last name & that just makes me so happy for some reason.


sunday – another day of not doing much, so i went with adidas leggings & a hoodie from winter camp. pretty much all i did was sleep & walk around the house with a bandana tied over my mouth & nose because my brother has the flu & i really don’t want to get it, too.

so that’s what i wore in a week! i don’t put much effort into my clothes on the weekends because i don’t usually go anywhere (during winter, at least), but hopefully the other outfits give you an idea of what my style is, even though it does bounce around a bit.

let me know in the comments which outfit was your favorite!

xo apollo

diy mabel pines costume

admire my mother’s handiwork.

for halloween, my brother and i are going to be dipper and mabel pines from gravity falls. yesterday was my church’s fall festival, and we wore them there, too. only one person knew who we were, which is kind of weird, because gravity falls isn’t a super obscure show. one lady thought i was a my little pony character. sigh.

anyway, i thought it’d be fun to show you our costumes and how i made mine. :)

the most time-consuming piece was mabel’s shooting star sweater. i found a hot pink sweatshirt at goodwill that was pretty much perfect in every way. then i had to add the shooting star design.

my mom sketched out the shooting star on a piece of cardstock. i cut out each section of the design (star and the three parts of the tail) and pinned them to sheets of felt. then i traced the paper shapes with a sharpie and cut them out.

here are all the pieces of the design.

next, i pinned the star to my sweatshirt and sewed it on. i used cream thread, because that goes well with most colors, but you can match the thread to the felt if you want. i did it all by hand, but using a sewing machine would make it go much faster.

here’s the finished sweater! it’s soft and has floppy sleeves and i love it very much.

i got the headband from hobby lobby for $2. it was part of a two-pack.

i got the purple skirt at goodwill. it’s actually a sundress that i cut the bottom off of. the socks are part of another hobby lobby two-pack, and the shoes are from my mom’s closet. idk how you could make fake braces, but i actually have braces, so it wasn’t much of a problem for me.

i love my costume, i love the tv show, i love how cute my brother and i looked, and i love halloween. i really hope we get another chance to dress up as the pines twins.

i hope you enjoyed getting a look at my outfit. i can do another post about c’s dipper costume, if anyone would be interested. just tell me in the comments if you’d like to see that. :)

“remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!”

xo apollo

band merch collection

hey! i thought i’d show you guys all the band merch that i’ve collected over the years. i think i found most of it at hot topic, so if you see something you like, check out their online store.

by the way, i’m not trying to brag or anything like that. i’m just sharing my collection.

behold, my one panic! shirt. it’s a muscle tee (apparently some people call that style “bro tanks.” i’m still laughing about it) and very comfortable.

of course i have tøp merch.

they did a concert nearby at the beginning of the year, and half the people i know went, but i couldn’t. i am still bitter about it. :’)

yep, i still love beanies. they’re so cozy. but this one looks better on my friend n than it does on me, and i’m not ok with that.

ft. my ukulele, which i love very much.

idk if you can tell from the picture, but this is a bag. it’s pretty roomy and it’s got pockets on the inside (!!). a girl complimented me on it when i was at the movie theater with my friends.

i like this one because this shade of blue looks fricken amazing on me.

this one is kind of simple, but it looks great with a flannel, so it’s all good.

i was hunting for pins a few days ago and found this fall out boy one. it’s on my denim jacket now with a few other cute pins.

i’m pretty sure i’ve posted about this jacket before, but whatever. it’s too big on me, and that’s fine because i usually wear oversized clothes anyway.

and here’s the back. :)

i love the colors on this one! the lyrics are from the song runaways. (jealous, rutvi? ;) )

this one is a tank top that i accidentally  stretched out during a 5k this summer (thanks to lots of mud and ice water and cinder blocks ). it looks like the mtv logo and that’s pretty cool.

i ordered this one off amazon, i think. i really want to color it in with sharpies, but i know that i’d mess it up.

i only have one mcr shirt and it’s really a huge problem. my principal, of all people, complimented me on it. i know him from church and he usually says hello to me while i’m walking to class, or he’ll ask how my day was when i’m waiting to be picked up. it’s a little weird, but i’m getting used to it.

i’m thinking about getting oh wonder merch next, or maybe dodie or the front bottoms. i don’t really know. but i just blew most of my money on books (i got seven new ones in one day, help me), so it probably won’t be anytime soon.

i hope you all have a good day!

xo apollo