the change award

hello, friends, i hope all is well.

gracie nominated me for a tag that she created: the change award. it’s about how you hope to make the world a better place, and i’m really glad that i get to do it. :)

| rules |

– link back to me, as well as whoever nominated you.
– include this: i, gracie chick of a light in the darkness, created this award to highlight the importance of young people taking responsibility for the future of their world. the change award also gives them the opportunity to share with others what they believe in.
answer the questions below.
– nominate as many people as you like.

 | questions |

make a list of the things you want to change about schools.

– less testing. they’re too stressful and i always forget what i’ve studied as soon as i’ve finished the test.

– shorter school days. honestly, there’s no reason kids should be in school for seven hours, and then have to do homework and extracurricular activities. personally, i learn better on days with early dismissal because the classes are shorter.

– better anti-bullying movements. one thing that bothers me is that when people talk about bullying, they say that “it can happen to anyone,” when that’s not exactly right. the kids who get bullied the most are poc, queer, mentally ill, religious, disabled, etc. if adults talked more about those things and helped students understand and respect them, bullying would be less common.

– please give us better sex ed, i’m begging you. and make it relevant for lgbt+ students, too.

– have different age groups interact more often.

– less sexist dress codes would be nice. if my legs are distracting some gross teacher, maybe consider firing them??

– more in-depth history lessons. tell us about human zoos in the 90’s, native american two-spirits, margaret hamilton (who created the navigation software for nasa’s apollo project), eudy simelane (a south african soccer player who was murdered and raped for her sexuality), etc.

make a list of the things you want to change about local communities.

– i was reading about the nuclear family and how it’s not that great of a setup. being exposed to just your family’s way of thinking is how toxic ideas get passed down, and it also makes abuse pretty easy to get away with. so children being parented by the community is something that might help.

– i’ve never seen a real block party and i’d like to experience one of those before the sweet embrace of death.

– take the luxury tax off of tampons/pads. what do i do if i’m broke? just bleed on everything because i can’t afford some dumb compressed cotton balls??

– make bards a thing again, please and thank you.

– make it socially acceptable to not want children. i can’t even count how many times i’ve heard “when you’re a mother,” and i say that i don’t actually want kids, and i’m told that i’ll change my mind.

make a list of the things you want to change about the world, your world.

no trump, no kkk, no fascist usa. (green day)

– elect me for president and i’ll make sure melanie martinez goes to jail like she freaking deserves.

– if the media could stop making things like feminism, black lives matter, and lgbt+ issues into jokes, that would be, like, really cool.

– @ big companies, stop destroying our planet, oh my g o s h.

– can we end toxic masculinity and the idea that men aren’t supposed to cry? because male suicide rates are ridiculously high, and they would go down if society didn’t think men expressing their emotions is weird and feminine.

– make conversion therapy illegal everywhere, it’s literally abuse and it kills.

– stop victim blaming!! i’ve heard people complain about the #metoo movement, and i don’t get it. why would you make fun of women who have found the courage to speak up about their harassment? am i missing something??


| nominees |

may @ forever and everly

ellie @ on the other side of reality

nabila @ hot town cool girl

rutvi @ capturing and creating 

kathleen @ dolls and dance

i know i’ve missed stuff, but there’s no way i can fit everything i can’t stand about our world into one post without it getting extremely long and full of rants. maybe some other time, though.

no matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. -dead poets society

xo apollo


liebster award

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hello, friends. i’ve been nominated for the liebster award many times, and i’m finally getting around to posting about it. there’s going to have to be a part two sometime, as i’ve currently been tagged five times, i believe.

kathryn and write owl are two of the wonderful people who tagged me. thanks, loves. :)

| kathryn’s questions |

what’s your favorite kind of tea?

my favorites are peppermint or english breakfast tea, served in my elephant mug with lots of honey. the elephant’s name is herbert.

what’s your favorite theme song?

the gravity falls theme! it’s so catchy.

i’ve watched the entire show about four times. i have a problem.

if given a free ticket, which country would you choose to visit and why?

probably greece or scotland. greece because i learned some of the language last year, scotland because it’s just insanely beautiful. (i say a learned some of the language, but it was koine greek, which they don’t speak anymore.)

what is the one thing you wish people knew about you?

sometimes i just don’t want to be around anyone. i’ll ignore texts, i’ll try to get out of seeing my friends, etc. and that probably makes me sound like a horrible friend — and maybe i am — but it doesn’t mean that i love them any less. i still adore them, i’m just tired and don’t want to talk. i’ll usually get over it in a week and then i’ll send my pals memes and organize sleepovers and stuff like that.

what is your greatest achievement?

i know all the lyrics to dear evan hansen.

what is your most prized possession?

idk if this really counts as a possession, since i’ve never printed any of them out, but pictures of my friends (like this one of k and b, taken the day before new year’s eve). i’m sure they’re going to leave someday, and i don’t want to forget what it’s liked to love and be loved.

what are three of your main goals?

1) become a bard

i have been in love with idea of being a bard ever since i read the how to train your dragon series. and i know they aren’t really a thing anymore, but i’m sure i can figure something out.

2) travel

i don’t care where. i just want to grab a friend, my camera, my beat up converse, and leave.

3) publish a book

i’m really hoping that my 2017 nano project is going to be the one that i finish and eventually get published. i’d also like to publish some of my poetry, too.

how did you pick your blog’s name?

most of you know that i’m still an emo loser who loves my chemical romance, right? well, their last album was called danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys, and it came from that.

what’s your favorite post that you’ve written?

dear blue eyes | love notes

it’s about loving someone (clearly), but i didn’t realize i had been in love with them until years later and it was too late. writing that helped me figure out my feelings and some super important things about myself.

if you won the lottery what’s the first thing you’d buy?

a border collie (i would name it turtle), a polaroid camera, and plane tickets to anywhere.

who is your role model?

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“real revenge is making something of yourself.” -gerard way

this lovely man, gerard way. i can’t even begin to describe how much he and his music have helped me. but i would not be who i am if i had not found his band and their inspiring messages.

plus, he went through a lot of rough things and still managed to come out on top. and it’s so comforting that someone can feel horrible enough to write songs like the end., famous last words, the sharpest lives, the only hope for me is you, and i’m not okay (i promise), and then keep living and fall in love and have a family.

| write owl’s questions |

do you enjoy classics or do you think they’re boring and overrated? (i’ll try not to judge you if the latter is the case :p)

i don’t read a lot of classics because most of them aren’t the kind of genre i enjoy. however, i do love the chronicles of narnia and lord of the rings — i can’t resist a good fantasy series.

do you prefer to write/read in first- or third-person?

i pretty much always write in first person. it’s so much easier to get inside the mc’s head and understand them better.

how often do you use personal experiences to make your writing more authentic? do you actively seek out new experiences to heighten your stories?

i write a lot of fantasy, which i unfortunately don’t have a lot of experience with. but i’ve been making many of my characters have poor mental health because i can use my own experiences with that.

as for seeking out new experiences, i do occasionally try to get hurt/spend time around morally ambiguous people for the sake of research. which probably isn’t the smartest thing i’ve ever done, but whatever.

do you listen to music when you write? if so, is there a specific genre that you prefer?

i listen to music while i do everything, honestly. (except for showering??) i guess the genre i listen to depends on what kind of story i’m writing. like when i was working on my 2016 nano project, i played twenty one pilots songs because they’re terribly sad and they matched the mood of my story. if i’m writing poetry, i’ll listen to stuff like sleeping at last, because it’s calming and helps me think better.

where is the strangest place that you have ever found inspiration?

my mum’s billy joel’s greatest hits vol. 2 cd. i may or may not have based an entire story around it.

what are your top three favorite quotes from any book that you have ever read?

“you make me lovely, and it’s so lovely to be lovely to the one i love.” -all the bright places by jennifer niven

“i like to think that nothing’s final, and that everyone gets to be together even when it looks like they don’t, that it all works out even when all the evidence seems to say something else, that you and i are always young in the woods, and that i’ll see you sometime again, even if it’s not with any kind of eyes i know of or understand. i wouldn’t be surprised if that is the way things go after all — that all things end happy.” -tiger lily by jodi lynn anderson

“‘well, it’s simple to love someone,’ she said. ‘but it’s hard to know when you need to say it out loud.'” -when you reach me by rebecca stead

the second one is from one of my favorite books ever. that particular quote made me cry all night. i’d really recommend checking it out.

do you generally like your characters? have you ever written one that you didn’t like?

yeah, most of the time. i usually think my characters are precious, problematic children who must be protected at all costs. but there was one from a currently abandoned project called shadow bird that i couldn’t stand. she was named delilah hallowell and she was the definition of an arrogant, annoying diva. i really despised her. she might have gotten more bearable if i’d reached the point in the plot where i revealed her Tragic Backstory™, but i never got that far.

what is your favorite movie from a story-telling point of view?

the princess bride. i watch it every time i’m sick, and it still keeps my interest, because the characters are so unique and the story is so bizarre and wonderful.

do you let anyone read your work(s)-in-progress, or do they have to prove themselves worthy before they can get a peek?

i don’t let anyone read my wips anymore, with the exception of posting occasional snippets on my blog. i’ll definitely let my writer internet friends look at my stories if i ever finish them and need beta readers, but until then, no one gets more than a few paragraphs at a time.

who is your favorite author that not many people have heard of?

pseudonymous bosch! he’s the author of the secret series, which is one of my all time favorites. his writing style is hilarious and i love all of characters, they have really dramatic and distinct personalities. 10/10, i would definitely recommend him to anyone.

on average, how many books do you read in one year?

i read about forty-five books last year, which isn’t very good for me. usually, i go through way more than that, but i’ve been in a reading slump since late 2016.

| nominees |

charli @ starfreckld

kathryn @ in the depths of dreams

noor @ bookmarkd

infinitmagic @ expensive rainbows

julia @ julia’s journal

| questions |

do you believe in luck?
do you want any tattoos?
do you want to be a parent?
do you have any siblings?
what did you want to be when you were a kid?
what’s the best halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
what school subject are you best at?
do you have any nicknames?
what song is stuck in your head?
how was your day?

on a different note, i finally gave in to peer pressure (*cough* rutvi and n *cough*) and watched stranger things. it was pretty interesting, but i still think it’s overhyped. my favorite characters are dustin, hopper, and that one conspiracy dude with the vodka. i’d love to discuss the show with you guys in the comments and get your opinions on it. :)

xo apollo

the christmas tag

hey, guys!

i saw this on tabi’s blog, and i wasn’t tagged, but i’m doing it anyway. because why not? i love christmas and want some of those good old holiday vibes on here.

let’s get into it. :)


– thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog
– add the picture in your blog (the red one above)
– copy these rules into your post
– add a link to the original post (
– answer the ten questions (you can add extra christmas-related questions if you want)
– tag at least three other bloggers with links to their blogs
– have fun!


1) what’s your favorite thing about christmas?

this is going to sound selfish, but the presents. my love language is gifts, so receiving things makes me feel appreciated, and giving them is how i show others that they’re special to me. i also like driving around after dark and looking at all the lights and decorations.

2) what’s your favorite christmas memory?

spending the entirety of last year’s family christmas party hiding in the bathroom with a plate of dessert, of course.

i’m kidding, that kind of sucked. maybe exploring downtown with my friends and getting free cookies and cocoa at all the shops. or the time we got my brother a gift card for minecraft pc and put it in this freaking enormous box. but it managed to slip under a flap at the bottom, so when he opened it, he thought we hadn’t gotten him anything. that was fun.

3) are there special traditions your family has for christmas?

– for the past two years, we’ve gone to see the new star wars movie at this fancy theater that serves you dinner while you watch.

– we always have fruit salad and french toast for christmas breakfast.

– my brother and i go to our grandparent’s house to make giant gingerbread bears or houses.

4) what’s your christmas wish? (can be personal or general)

i’d just like to be happy on christmas day so i can enjoy it. my family gets frustrated with me if i’m sad around holidays and i don’t want to bring them all down this year.

5) what’s your favorite christmas dish?

i guess candy canes probably don’t count as a dish, but i’m going with that anyway.

6) what’s your favorite christmas decoration?

definitely the lights!! i have a strand of pink ones somewhere that are absolutely gorgeous.

7) what’s your favorite christmas song?

carol of the bells. it’s a little bit eerie, in my opinion, and i love it for that.

8) where do you usually celebrate christmas?

we spend christmas eve with my dad’s side of the family for dinner, and christmas day at home. then we celebrate with my mom’s side after the holiday, when we go to my grandma’s house or to my uncle’s place in another state.

9) what does the “christmas spirit” mean to you?

to quote the song i won’t be home for christmas // blink-182: “it’s time to be nice to the people you can’t stand all year.” 

10) who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your christmas with?

my pal n. he’s one of my best friends, but i never get to see him anymore.

i’m terrible at tagging people, so if you want to do it, go ahead.

there are going to be a few more christmas/winter-themed posts before the month is up. i hope you guys don’t get too bored of holiday posts.

my friend izzy is taking me shopping today, so i can pick out my own present. i’m hoping to find some fall out boy or all time low cds, succulents, or more pins/patches for my jacket. i’ll show you what i get in my christmas haul post, whenever that is.

have a good day! :)

xo apollo

who is God to you? | tag

hey. :)

i was nominated for the who is God to you? tag. thanks, britt.

i don’t really talk much about my religion online, and i think that’s because i’m afraid of misinterpreting it or coming off as a bad christian. but i don’t think i can screw up these questions too badly, so i’ll give it a shot.


– thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog or website.

– nominate five bloggers to do the who is God to you? tag.

– answer the five questions and give five new questions for the people you nominated to answer. if you want, you can use the same five questions as the last person.

– display the who is God to you? logo in your blog post. (sorry, i really wanted to use my own picture.)


1) who is God to you?

i read something that said “nothing you confess could make me love you less,” and i think that pretty much sums it up. He’s a protector who will always love me.

2) what is your favorite bible verse?

“for i am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” -romans 8:38-39

i heard that one in sixth grade, during a public speaking class at my co-op. i’ve loved it ever since and i’m very thankful that my teacher introduced it to me.

i also really like 1 peter 4:8: “above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

3) what is your favorite book in the bible?

probably psalms or romans, idk.

4) what bible character inspires you the most?

i read job a few years ago, so i don’t remember the story extremely well, but he was pretty inspiring. he lost everything, but he continued to praise God.

5) what advice would you give to other people following the Lord?

have christian friends! one of mine used to ask me occasionally if i had been reading my bible, and sometimes i could say yes and i’d tell him where i was. but more often than not, he’d make me realize that i hadn’t touched my bible in a week or two. christian friends are really important, because they’ll pray with you and show you encouraging verses, and they’re just really wonderful to have.

here are my questions:

1) who is God to you?

2) what is your favorite bible verse?

3) what advice would you give to other people following the Lord?

4) when did you become a christian?

5) what’s your favorite worship song?

i’m awful at tagging people, so if you want to do this, please go ahead.

i hope you all have a good day and enjoy the weekend. i’m going to spend it playing soccer, working on my halloween costume, and (sadly) studying for a spanish test.

xo apollo

a tag in which i talk about my favorite characters

hello, my friends!

there’s a tag that’s been going around for awhile that caught my eye. i haven’t actually been tagged for this, but that was probably an accident, because who wouldn’t want to hear me rant about book characters?

for this tag, you write down the names of thirty book characters, fold them up and put them in a bowl. then you draw two names to answer each question with.

let’s go. :)

1) you have one more spot on your spelling team. who gets it?

max-ernest (the secret series // pseudonymous bosch) vs noah (i’ll give you the sun // jandy nelson)

this one isn’t hard. max-ernest is a huge nerd, and i say that in the nicest way possible. noah’s strong point, that sweet child, is definitely art, not spelling. so i’d want max-ernest to get the last spot (but good luck getting me to join a spelling team).

2) both characters want to kill you. who would you kill first to have a better chance of survival?

lucy pennant (iremonger trilogy // edward carey) vs toothless (how to train your dragon series // cressida cowell)

neither of them are really killers, are they? lucy is just a servant girl, but she does have energy and isn’t afraid to hit people with shovels. our dragon friend toothless does sound a bit scary until you remember that he is lazy as heck and absolutely tiny. i doubt that i would actually be able to kill either of them, but disposing of lucy would keep me safe.

3) you’ve been chosen for the hunger games. who is more likely to volunteer in your place?

yo-yoji (the secret series) vs magnus (magnus chase and the gods of asgard // rick riordan)

i think they’d both rather save their own skin then help me. but magnus, being a demigod, having trained for ragnarök, having special powers, etc. would probably know that he could win. let’s go with him.

4) you are the next marvel superhero. who is your sidekick?

george vs lockwood (lockwood & co. // jonathan stroud)

ah. sarcastic, a bit of a genius, has lots of snacks with him — george would have the quirky sidekick thing down. lockwood is good with a sword, has slightly insane plans, and is an excellent leader. i think that if lockwood was my partner, i would become the sidekick, but he’d still be much more helpful than george.

5) you are stranded on a deserted island and you must engage in cannibalism to survive. whom do you eat?

fishlegs (how to train your dragon series) vs jude (i’ll give you the sun)

jude. definitely jude. i’m not particularly fond of her, and i really couldn’t bear to do that to fishlegs. he’s an orphan, he has eczema and asthma and anxiety, and i would feel awful to add being eaten to that unfortunate list.

6) you’re the manager of an avocado company. who would you fire for poor communication skills?

clod (iremonger trilogy) vs lucy carlyle (lockwood & co.)

they both get fired because i don’t like avocados and i would want the company to fail.

7) you’ve just finished a book in which your favorite character dies. which character would be more likely to comfort you?

hiccup (how to train your dragon series) vs violet (all the bright places // jennifer niven)

they’re both compassionate characters who have lost people, so i think they’d both be willing to comfort me. i like hiccup a bit more than violet, though, so i’ll go with him.

8) your birthday has finally arrived. who would have the nerve to forget?

peter (the chronicles of narnia) vs finch (all the bright places)

finch. he’s probably one of my favorite characters ever, and he’s from one of my favorite books, but he has lots of flaws. he would probably be asleep or thinking too much to remember my birthday.

9) you have just found an upcoming youtube star. who is it more likely to be?

sam (lord of the rings) vs ned (castaways of the flying dutchman // brian jacques)

ned, because he is a dog, and everyone likes dog videos. :D

10) you can only invite one person to your sleepover. who would it be?

cass (the secret series) vs sophie (keeper of the lost cities series // shannon messenger)

can i just not have a sleepover? they make me tired and uncomfortable.

i guess i have to pick. although i like cass a lot, i think sophie would be a better conversationalist, which would be important, since i will not speak until spoken to. plus, sophie would know how to make mallowmelt. and i really want to try that.

11) you have just woken up and it is time for breakfast. your mom has been replaced by . . . whom?

keefe (koltc) vs edmund (the chronicles of narnia)

i’d much rather have keefe as my mother. i don’t think he’d be a very good mum, but he would be much more fun than edmund. (although if mother edmund made turkish delight for breakfast, i would pick him over keefe. [and i would betray my family for turkish delight, too. ])

12) bam, you’re pregnant. who is the mother/father?

kate (the mysterious benedict society // trenton lee stewart) vs emily (emily windsnap series // liz kessler)

neither of them are that attractive, though?? (ha, like i would know.) WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN LUCY CARLYLE. WHYYY.

emily, i guess? i like her more than kate.

13) you have just written a super important text. who would have the nerve not to reply?

susan (the chronicles of narnia) vs matilda (matilda // roald dahl)

it would be matilda, because she’s five, i think, and why would she have a phone? although i don’t know why i would send a super important text to a five-year-old.

14) you’re on the bachelor/bachelorette and down to two characters. who gets your rose?

lucy (the chronicles of narnia) vs miranda (when you reach me // rebecca stead)

this one is easy.

i’ve always thought that lucy is incredible. she’s so brave and cute and sweet!! on the other hand, we have miranda, who is horribly average (i’m sorry, i still love that book). please just let me have lucy.

15) ugh, it’s high school. who would most likely be part of the popular clique?

camicazi (how to train your dragon series) vs artemis (artemis fowl series // eoin colfer)

artemis is a genius, and apparently high schoolers don’t like those with higher iqs than themselves. (i wouldn’t actually know, i’m a homeschooler.) camicazi is a bit insane, but it would never be boring around her. she would probably be the leader of the popular clique.

hope you guys enjoyed that. if you’d like to do this on your own blog, go right ahead.

i tried to pick books that most people would have heard of already. if i mentioned any books that you haven’t read, i’d get on that, because most of the ones on here are my favorites.

also, did you see my cute succulent? i love it very much, but it doesn’t have a name yet. if you have suggestions, leave them in the comments. :)

xo apollo

back to school tag

hello, my friends! k.a. tagged anyone who has borrowed something from their sibling within the past week. i used my brother’s snare drum, so here i am. :)


1) thank the person who tagged you.

2) answer the questions.

3) post new questions.

4) tag as many people as you want.

5) wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

6) don’t die.

1) when’s your first day of school?

it was august 22nd, i think. so i’ve been doing school for about four weeks now.

2) what do (and don’t) you look forward to about entering the realm of the dead? uh, i mean the learned?

likes: i do a lot of doodling during class. i’ve got a pirate, a stereotypical french dude, and some spanish-inspired things scrawled over my classwork. i also like observing how the people interact with each other; it fascinates me.

dislikes: being around people for a long time makes me tired. my math teacher is a bit evil, and she makes us take a quiz everyday. (but i just transferred to a different math class and the teacher is much nicer. he didn’t give us any homework just because we were behaving so well.)

3) homeschooled, public schooled, or private schooled?

i’m doing a weird combination of homeschool and public school. every other day, i go to public school for two classes: spanish and math. i do the rest of my work at home.

4) what are your goals for this school year?

this is going to sound super screwed up, but whatever.

i have this list of things i want to do while i’m at public school, for the ~experience~ or something like that. i’ve already gotten a F (on a math quiz), so that’s one thing checked off my list! since i’m a part-time student this year, i’m not allowed to join the band or sports teams or do any of the fun things. i could probably get into a fight or get detention, but i don’t really want to do either of those things this year.

and i want to do nanowrimo again this year. i haven’t done much planning on my novel, though.

5) what’s your favorite season to school in? fall, winter, or spring?

probably winter. i love sitting in front of the fire with my schoolbooks, drinking tea and watching snow fall. during the other seasons, i’d much rather be taking pictures than staying inside to do school.

6) how is schooling going to effect your blogging?

i don’t think it will effect my blog too much. all i can think of is that if i’m falling behind in schoolwork, i might not be allowed to use the internet for a bit.

7) what’s your favorite school subject?

i love art and theatre, but i don’t have any of those classes this year.

8) your least favorite?

math, of course. and my science book is rather boring. (i’m doing this tag just to procrastinate science. i’m learning about gravitational potential energy. yay.)

9) what subject are you best at?

grammar! which might be surprising, since i don’t use capital letters.

Me during life are you kidding me10) what subject are you worst at?

my F on that math quiz probably answers this one.

11) what extra-curricular activities are you planning this year (if any)?

i’m playing soccer, and my scouting group, ahg, just started up again. i think the badges my unit is working on are puppetry, social skills & etiquette, and zoology.

12) how are you preparing for life/college this year (on a conscious level)?


13) do you play any sports in school?

i don’t play on any of my school’s sports teams, but i play spring and fall soccer for a different league. the first practice of the season is this week, actually. :D

14) is there any way that schooling is going to help your blogging endeavors? or how has it helped your blogging skillz in the past?

sometimes i’ll be studying something interesting (rarely), and i’ll be inspired to blog about it. and i work on my drafts to procrastinate schoolwork.

15) how much time a day is school going to take for you?

on days that i go to school, only three hours, because that’s how long my classes take. on the other days, about two or three hours. maybe five hours if i start procrastinating.

16) are you looking forward to seeing friends more often during the school year?

i’m actually going to be seeing my friends much less than in previous years. for pretty much my entire life, i went to a homeschool co-op that met every friday, and most of my friends went there, too. but i aged out of it last year, as did my friends. now it takes a lot of planning to hang out with them. but i still get to see my friend izzy every week, because she comes to my house for a science class.

17) are you dreading or looking forward to the event (or did you, if it’s already happened)?

i should have been freaking out about the first day of school, because i overthink everything. but over the summer, i somehow forced myself not to think about it, which means i did basically nothing to prepare myself. in fact, it didn’t click for me that i had to go to school until i was looking for something to wear that morning (i ended up wearing a my chemical romance shirt, because that’ll make a great first impression).

18) what are you most looking forward to about school?

working on my list will be exciting! and i get to visit b and n’s school this week, so i can cause some trouble there. >:)

19) how are you planning to fit actual life in with your school schedule?

actual life?? i’m a homeschooler, i don’t have a social life.

20) what are your overall thoughts on school?

i love learning, especially about science and history and psychology, because it explains the world and the people in it. but textbooks and homework and deadlines ruin it for me. they stress me out and take the fun out of learning. so, basically: i like learning, but the school environment sucks.

i tag q, charis, daisy, rutvi, sam, and anyone else who would like to do it.

here are the questions (i’m using kellyn‘s original questions because i’m too tried to think of my own):

1) when’s your first day of school?

2) what do (and don’t) you look forward to about entering the realm of the dead? uh, i mean the learned?

3) homeschooled, public schooled, or private schooled?

4) what grade are you going into? (if you’re okay sharing)

5) how many more years of torture do you have to endure learn?

6) what are your goals for this school year?

7) what’s your favorite season to school in? fall, winter, or spring?

8) how is schooling going to effect your blogging?

9) what’s your favorite school subject?

10) your least favorite?

11) what subject are you best at?

12) what subject are you worst at?

13) what extra-curricular activities are you planning this year (if any)?

14) how are you preparing for life/college this year (on a conscious level)?

15) do you play any sports in school?

16) is there any way that schooling is going to help your blogging endeavors? or how has it helped your blogging skillz in the past?

17) how much time a day is school going to take for you?

18) are you looking forward to seeing friends more often during the school year?

19) are you dreading or looking forward to the event (or did you, if it’s already happened)?

20) what are you most looking forward to about school?

21) how are you planning to fit actual life in with your school schedule?

22) what are your overall thoughts on school?

about that list i mentioned for #4: if you guys have any ideas for questionable things i could add to it, please tell me in the comments. my friends haven’t offered any good suggestions yet.

xo apollo