apollo | poet | infp | slytherin

hey, i’m apollo, the author of this blog.

actually, my name is loren — apollo is just my pen name. but you can call me either one. (i chose it because apollo, the god of music, poetry, art, light, and healing, is my favorite of the greek deities.)

if you’d like to know more about me, you’ve come to the right place. i’m interested in writing and art of all kinds, but mostly poetry and photography, although i enjoy theatre and drawing too. i listen to music almost constantly (pop punk and indie are my favorites) and play percussion in my school’s marching band. despite sounding like a stereotypical art kid, i’ve played soccer and gymnastics since i was a child, and i explore outside whenever i can. i also currently love cooking, scouting, and the paranormal, but who knows how long those interests will last.

before killjoy, i blogged at let’s be losti switched to this site in early 2018 because i got bored and wanted something new. anything on here from before january 14, 2018 is imported from my old blog.

i hope you’ll stick around, pals. stay rad.

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41 thoughts on “about”

  1. I like the picture of you up there😊 I’m a Slytherin too (I was actually quite surprised when I found out cause all other tests said Ravenclaw. I can see how I’m Slytherin though 😄). I can’t wait to see future posts!

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        1. wow i wouldn’t have expected you to like mcr! my favorites are probably disenchanted, thank you for the venom, and all of the conventional weapons album. what about you?

          xo apollo

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          1. I’m kinda into a bit of all genres really, but you gotta love emo music and Welcome To The Black Parade is literally my fav song of all time. Bulletproof Heart is also really amazing and I’m Not Okay I Promise 😍

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  2. Hey Loren! You have such a neat blog. I’ve actually read your blog since back when it was Blue-eyes Gray-eyes and I’ve been really inspired by you! Stay awesome! :D <3


  3. I’m a child of Athena and a Gryffindor (odd combo, hmm?) Pretty much describes me: I’m pretty smart, love reading and school (btw, I’m homeschooled) but I’m crazy into sports, I love writing and acting, singing, dancing, photography as well. I’m a super fashionista who’s style changes daily.
    Sometimes I’m perky, sometimes I’m like Wednesday Addams. I’m an extroverted introvert.
    Stay awesome


    1. hey, mckayla! i actually used to be homeschooled too, but apparently it’s really hard to get a high school diploma while being homeschooled, so i switched to public school this year. i miss homeschool a lot though. and it sounds like we’re into a lot of the same hobbies! thanks so much for commenting.

      xo apollo

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  4. well hey! my friend just directed me over here and THIS BLOG IS SO AWESOME! firstly, your writing is out of this world… like you’re so insanely talented. I’m so glad I’ve come to your blog… definitely subscribing. we sound kinda similar. I’m Sarah from paraphernalia and I’M A KILLJOY AND BANDITO TOO! LIKE, HOW EXCITING IS IT THAT MCR ARE BACK TOGETHER??? WHAT’S YOUR FAV SONG BY THEM? …ahem… heh heh… anywaysss I’m absolutely loving looking around. you’re so cool! I can’t wait to read future posts. keep up the excellent work, fellow killjoy ❤️


    1. hey sarah! aw thank you so much, that means a lot to me. & i honestly didn’t know that mcr had gotten back together until i saw your comment, that is so crazy! we’ve been waiting so long for this, i seriously can’t believe this is happening. do you know if they’re just doing that one tour together or if they’re actually gonna start making music again? & idk if i have one favorite song but i am in love with everything from conventional weapons.

      xo apollo

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      1. you’re so welcome. and it’s so crazy indeed. I can’t decide whether this is reality rn lol. but i’m so hyped. ok, so they’re back together for a gig atm, buuut they’ve also set up an ig page which is kinda weird to set up if it’s just for the one show so… fingers crossed. I really really hope they make some new music. also, same – I have “favourites”, picking one is impossible. but that’s neat xx


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