get to know me | tragic backstory + questionable fun facts

hello everyone!

i’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, so i thought it would be a good time to reintroduce myself. i feel like whenever i talk about myself on here, it’s through the form of, i don’t know, tragic poetry or sad song lyrics that make everyone concerned about my mental health. i never really say stuff like “tofu isn’t actually that bad” or “i don’t remember how to do long division,” which i’m sure is the type of get-to-know-me content that y’all actually want, right? so maybe this post will be helpful for not just my new readers, but the ones who have been putting up with my posts since 2014, too.

to kick things off, my name is not actually apollo, which is probably not a shocker for anyone. it’s loren, which for the most part is a great name. but people always either pronounce it like the name lauren, or expect me to be a boy because traditionally it’s a male name. so i use a pen name on my blog, & i chose apollo because the things he symbolizes (archery, music, the sun, poetry, healing, etc.) really appeal to me. so that’s the story behind my name, but i honestly don’t care if any of you call me loren instead of apollo or vice versa.

ok, moving on. my name is loren, & i’m in high school. i live in the american south, & yes, i do have an accent. not a full-blown country singer kind of accent, but you can definitely tell i’m from the south because i say some words with a twang. there are fields on three sides of my house & sometimes there will be tractors on the highway when i’m driving around. yeehaw & all that.

i was homeschooled before i started going to high school. i know some people think that’s sad, to have a parent as your teacher & to not have any classmates besides your siblings, but it was actually pretty great. my mom was an amazing teacher & she took my older brother & i on educational trips a lot. we would go to the national park that we live by, museums, historical sites, etc. & since everyone else was in school, we would typically have the whole place to ourselves. so, to sum things up, my education was superb.

now i go to a public high school. i’m not having a great time, but i suppose that’s not surprising to anyone. i’m a huge introvert, so spending all day around loud people is exhausting for me. & i haven’t had to try very hard in my classes yet, not even the advanced ones, so it’s pretty boring. but what i am enjoying about high school are the science classes & extracurricular activities.

marching band be like
i do marching band in the fall & soccer in the spring. i play bass in our band’s drumline, & while i (someone who is 5’2″) look ridiculous marching around with a great big drum strapped to my chest, i absolutely love it. my band is pretty small, with about forty members on a good day, but we’re actually sort of amazing & win a lot of awards at competitions. as for soccer, i play for the varsity team as a striker/midfielder. this season feels a little weird so far because we have a new coach & i’m not really friends with anyone on varsity, but it just started so i’ve still got some hope.

between homework & those extracurricular activities, i don’t have a whole lot of free time, but when i do, i’m usually doing one of three things: reading, writing, or scouting. i’m sure most of you know that i like to write, because that’s one of the main things i post on here. currently, i write a lot of poems & memoirs, which you can read by clicking right here. when it comes to reading, i typically go for poetry, fantasy, paranormal, & contemporary books.

here’s me looking snazzy in my uniform

so the third hobby on that list is scouting, & i have a lot to say about that one. i first got into scouting when i was in elementary school. my brother was in cub scouts & my parents were in charge of the den, so i went to all of the campouts & meetings & events. i loved it, but once my brother aged out of the den, i couldn’t participate in anything scouting related because girls weren’t allowed in the BSA at that time. so a few years later, my mom started an american heritage girls troop, which is just a girls scouting organization modeled after the BSA. my best friends were in the troop with me for awhile, but they quit after awhile. i miss seeing them at meetings, but i still love scouting: earning badges & going camping & volunteering & helping younger scouts with their requirements.

i ran out of pretty summer photos so here’s some chaotic camp pics
in fact, i love it so much that i work at a BSA camp in the summer. i’ve been going to this camp as a scout since 2016, & now i get to work there, so it’s super special to me. i teach handicraft classes all summer with my friends, go on adventures, cause trouble, eat questionable amounts of ice cream, etc. & sure, some days it reaches 100°, my staff cabin is basically a shed, & i have to wear a uniform all summer, but it’s great! seriously, if you want to have a good summer, work at a sleepaway camp. you will be doing very little sleeping, but you’ll have the time of your life.

here’s a watercolor i did last year

i do have some other hobbies, like art & music & photography, but i don’t have much to say about them other than that i like them. so we’ll just move on to fun facts with loren/apollo/???

this is my kitty, she’s so precious

– i have two cats, my favorite of which is named navi
– i’ve been vegetarian for over a year
– i’m lactose intolerant but that sure doesn’t stop me from eating dairy 24/7!
– i love drinking tea (hot or sweet). the caffeine in it makes me really sleepy though
– my dream job is to be a paramedic, maybe for a medevac service
– i have some weird areas of hypopigmentation on my arms & legs that i think is caused by eczema?? i’m not 100% sure, just hoping it isn’t vitiligo
– according to my notes app, my favorite movies are sixth sense, dead poets society, catch me if you can, & the breakfast club.
– i have a slight obsession with lip balm but it’s totally not that big of a problem haha

so i guess that’s it? i know that was way too much useless information, but hey, if i ever become famous, you guys will ace those buzzfeed quizzes about me! but if by any chance you have more questions, leave them in the comments & i’ll stick them into a q&a post sometime.

xo apollo

Author: apollo

i'm apollo, a poet & hot mess.

6 thoughts on “get to know me | tragic backstory + questionable fun facts”

  1. This post was so much fun to read! I quite enjoyed it, and loved getting to hear more about you in a different way from your normal posts (which are also beautiful ;) ). I’m not exactly sure what else I was going to say here. Hmm.
    OH YEAH. That watercolor painting is absolutely lovely and when I saw it I had a flashback of once when I came to pick up my sister from your house or something and you guys were putting that pond in. We thought it was amazing, and my brother (was he along too??) was like WE SHOULD GET A FISH POND. Random fact of the day. XD Woooow that was a long time ago.
    Also your cat is absolutely adorable help.
    Also that’s a bummer that public school isn’t marvelous, but I’m so glad you’re enjoying the extracurricular stuff! Sounds like a lot of fun. (That snare meme, though… XD) My youngest brother is learning to play drums, and he’s good but IT’S LOUD.
    Okay I’m done now. :) Lovely post, Loren/Apollo!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The story behind your blog name is really interesting! ✨ I was homeschooled for my last few years at school because of my health but never went on educational trips, they sound like fun as I like discovering new places. I’ve always wondered what the scouts would be like too. Your cat looks so cute 😍 In January I got a new cat after our old one sadly passed away and she was supposedly called Bertha, not that she responds to that name 😂 I watched the sixth sense for the first time a while ago and it was so hypnotizing! 🍿 As a new follower I loved learning more about you, great post! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “tofu isn’t actually that bad” and “i don’t remember how to do long division” – are you me?!?!
    Also Dead Poets Society is the best movie in the world and I love it to death oh my goodness.
    Loved this post ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That would actually make so much sense because I connect to your writing so much and also feel free to rant about Dead Poets Society to me anytime bc I could talk about it all day :)) xx


  4. Wow, I love how you wrote this post SO much, you have such a way with words. This was one of the best “get to know me” posts I’ve ever read !! So interesting, I also really love the story behind your blog name too. Also, “i’m a huge introvert, so spending all day around loud people is exhausting for me.” is me in a nut shell hahaha. I can definitely relate! X


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