my skincare routine (for dry skin)

i just adore skincare. doing my skincare routine at the end of the day while listening to music is one of my favorite ways to relax. my skin is pretty sensitive and dry, so the products i use generally focus on hydrating and cleansing.

obviously, there are tons of products out there that would likely give you better results, but those are all too expensive for me to use on a regular basis. i pick my products based on how affordable they are and if they still produce good results.

i’ve linked to each product that i talk about, and they’re arranged in the order that i use them.

| daily products |

cetaphil gentle foaming cleanser it’s not sticky, there’s no scent, it’s not drying, and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all (and for someone with sensitive skin, that’s rather rare). it also takes off makeup really easily without a lot of scrubbing.

Image result for lush tea tree water

LUSH tea tree water toneri don’t currently use this, because it’s a little too expensive for me to keep as a staple part of my skincare routine. but i tried it out last summer and really loved it. it’s infused with tea tree oil, which is useful for treating breakouts. also, it just feels so refreshing on my face and gets rid of any extra dirt or makeup that my cleanser didn’t wash off.

toners aren’t a necessary part of a skincare routine, but if you’re interested in improving your skin and you have some extra money, i would definitely recommend this one.

clean & clear essentials dual action facial moisturizeri first used this moisturizer all the way back in early middle school and it’s still my favorite. i think there’s a fine line between moisturizers being too heavy or not doing their job, and this one is right in the middle. it soaks in easily and soothes red or dry spots.

olay complete all day moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 15 personally, i think this moisturizer is a little too heavy, and it takes too much effort to rub into my skin, which is why i only use it in the summertime. if i know i’m going to be outside all day and don’t want to get burned, i’ll put a little bit of this on with my clean & clear moisturizer.

clean & clear advantage acne spot treatmentbecause i have dry skin, spot treatments are sort of intimidating. i want to dry out any blemishes, but i also don’t want to make my skin even more desert-like. this product is a bit of a miracle worker because it reduces swelling/redness overnight.

| favorite masks |

freeman feeling beautiful manuka honey & tea tree oil clay mask & cleanser – this is my absolute favorite mask right now! personally, i think the tea tree oil scent takes a little bit of time to get used to, but overall it smells very clean and refreshing. it dries ridiculously fast and is really light, although it does take some scrubbing to get off. the freeman website says it’s helpful for oily or acne-prone skin. the only thing about this mask that’s disappointing to me is that it’s white instead of yellow, which is what i was expecting. and that’s not really an issue with the product itself, that’s just me being sad that it’s not a pretty color.

yes to tomatoes detoxifying charcoal mud maskthis mask is specifically designed to treat acne, so i use it whenever i’m having a breakout. it leaves my skin really soft and reduces the swelling of blemishes. my only complaint is that the charcoal sometimes stains my sink and towels a light gray, but it comes off with a bit of scrubbing.

freeman feeling beautiful avocado & oatmeal clay maskthis mask has a slight oatmeal scent to it and is a gorgeous sky blue color. it dries very quickly and feels like it’s barely on your face at all. also, you don’t need to scrub at all to rinse it off. it’ll wash off easily with just a bit of water. this mask leaves me feeling very relaxed, and with super soft skin. also, i’m pretty sure that i read on the freeman website that it’s supposed to help with acne.

so that’s my skincare routine! let me know if the comments if you’ve tried out any of these products, and what your skincare routine is, if you have one.

xo apollo

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i'm apollo, a poet & hot mess.

2 thoughts on “my skincare routine (for dry skin)”

  1. hiya! i also have very sensitive skin (i’m allergic to most products) and dry skin. i reccently started using cetaphil daily moisturizer and it has made a massive difference to the redness and has cleared my skin but instead of being dry and flaky, it’s now more flaky (and luckily not dry!) have you experienced anything like this? x


    1. hey! i’ve experience flaky skin too, it’s really the worst. some things i’ve been trying are putting a hydrating primer under my makeup & using a second, heavier moisturizer on the flaky areas. both of those are temporary fixes though. but something else to try would be using pure aloe vera gel as a moisturizer, probably in addition to the cetaphil one that you’re using now. aloe is supposed to be super hydrating, & since it’s natural, you hopefully wouldn’t have a reaction to it.

      i hope one of those suggestions works for you, & good luck with your skincare!

      xo apollo

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