life, i guess (2)

a bunch of exciting stuff has been going on in my life recently, and i thought i’d share everything with you guys by dumping it into one post.

our cabin

– my best friend izzy and i spent the first weekend of june being counselors at camp victory. every year, our church takes their after school program up to the camp to have fun and learn more about God. we were put in a cabin with the elementary school girls, but we were primarily assisting the younger ones. izzy’s family has been helping for years, but this was my first time. i sort of hated it, but i know i’ll go again next year if i get the chance.



– i carried so many girls on my back that i have bruises on my hips from their legs.
– it rained pretty much nonstop. there were about two hours on saturday when it wasn’t raining and we got to play games outside, but it was pouring the rest of the time.
– one of those games involved running around with a dead octopus. izzy got a bit too into it and ripped off a tentacle.
– they made us do zumba every morning. that was . . . something.
– i got into the pool with izzy when i was fully clothed. it was fun and all, but i didn’t bring enough dry clothes, and the t-shirt i was wearing at the time was white and kind of thin. still, i’m glad she convinced me to do it.
– the girls in our cabin decided that our group would be named the “glitter star bears.” we had to do a cheer about it at every meal and it was sort of awful.
– we had a movie night on saturday, and someone told me we were watching shrek, so i was naturally very excited. they lied, though, and we were really watching monsters university. don’t get me wrong, i love that movie, but i had my heart set on shrek.
– i slept in the leaders’ cabin the last night because our girls were so loud and stayed up really late. sadly, i didn’t sleep any better up there, and i ended up getting about four hours of sleep over the whole weekend. also, there were roaches in the cabin and a snake in the bathroom. :)

– my brother was at a karate tournament the same weekend i was at camp. he did a roundoff backflip during his first kata, landed wrong, and ended up breaking his foot and injuring his knee. but he got back up, completed the kata, and got second place. his foot was broken in three places, i think, and he had surgery on monday to fix it.

– i found out last week that i’m old enough to work at my summer camp as a counselor in training! since i’m a girl and it’s a boy scout camp, i didn’t think it was likely that i would be accepted, but somehow i was. i’m ridiculously excited for this, because i’ve wanted to work at camp since i first went there in 2016.

getting ready for camp has taken a lot of work. i had to complete three online courses, do a bunch of paperwork, and buy a venture scouts uniform (unfortunately, the guy that ordered it got the wrong size). on top of all that, i’m leaving today for a training session at the camp and i won’t be back until friday night.

– a few months ago, my math teacher saw me drawing in class and asked me to make a new mathematics-themed poster for him. i sort of forgot about it until the last two weeks of school, so i had to rush to get it done. i worked on it for nine hours (most of which was probably organizing art supplies on the table), but i finished it in time. my favorite part is the blue jay, i think i did a good job coloring it in.

– this is maybe less important than the others, but i’ve heard that love, simon is being put on netflix this month, and i am so excited to watch it again. i love the soundtrack, i love the book it’s based on, and i am so ready to cry at the ending again. happy pride month, by the way! 🌈

– a few people have been asking if i’m going to do cwwc again this year. i’m sorry to say it, but i won’t be. i just have too much planned this summer, so i think it’s unlikely that i’ll have an entire month that i can dedicate to it. sorry!

have a good day! :)

xo apollo


Author: apollo

i'm apollo, a poet & hot mess.

12 thoughts on “life, i guess (2)”

    1. i guess camp isn’t for everyone, but you should know that being a counselor is way different from being a camper, and i think it’s a lot more fun. i don’t actually like summer camp that much if i’m going as a camper.

      happy pride month! :)

      xo apollo


  1. I’ve never been to a summer camp or anything like that, and I don’t plan on it haha. Not really my cup of tea ☕
    Monsters University is a good movie (I like Monsters Inc. better) but Shrek is just 👌. But, hey, it’s on Netflix now and it’s summer break, meaning there will be plenty of time to watch it. 😊
    Speaking of Netflix, I had no idea Love, Simon was going to on Netflix! I haven’t seen it yet, but I plan to watch it ASAP. I just started reading Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, and I am so so excited to see the movie!

    Happy Pride Month!



    1. yeah, camp is kind of stressful and not that fun if you don’t have a good friend with you.

      oh yeah. i actually have shrek on vhs (i’m feel old saying that) so i’ve watched it way too many times already. still, what an amazing movie.

      ahhh you’re going to adore love, simon. there’s a really emotional monologue toward the end that made me tear up when i saw it last month. and the book is one of my favorites. :)

      xo apollo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, exciting things have happened indeed!
    -Camp sounds… interesting. O.o Oh my, what lovely bathrooms those were.
    -OH DEAR YOUR POOR BROTHER. Good thing he got second place for his (literal) pains!
    -Ohhhh neat! I hope you have a great time being camp counselor in training, Loren. :)
    -WHOA that math poster is amazing, Loren! applauds I love the blue jay too!


      • yep. camp bathrooms are generally very disgusting. the good thing is that it inspires campers to get ready in the mornings in record time.
      • good one. XD he’s doing much better already.
      • i think i will. i really love that camp, so i have a great time whenever i’m there, no matter what i’m doing.
      • thank you! :)

      xo apollo


  3. eek, roaches and snakes? that sounds gross. hope your brother’s injuries heal completely soon! aw, I was sort of hopding to do cwwc. love that fun poster btw ;)


    1. yep. unfortunately, those are not the grossest things i’ve found in camp bathrooms.

      yeah, he’s luckily not in much pain, but he’s going to have to wear a cast for about a month and then switch over to a boot.

      sorry about that. i always have a good time doing cwwc, so hopefully i’ll be able to do it next summer instead.

      thank you! :)

      xo apollo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. GOSH I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!Your blog is one of the most aesthetic things I’ ve seen on the internet today!Keep doing you girl, and huji cam is the shit, am I right?Lots of love, and I’d love for you to check my blog out too!


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