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i’ve wanted to do a room tour for ages, but my bedroom has always been kind of mess. so over the past few months, i’ve slowly been getting my room to where i want it: i finished painting my bed, i hung up the tapestry i got in d.c., i bought accessories, etc. and i’m happy to say that my room is finally pretty enough to share.

well, the real reason this post took so long to make is that i didn’t want to clean. but i was on a productivity kick this week and swept, washed my sheets, watered all my plants, put away my clothes, and wiped (some of) the watercolor stains off my desk. i had to take the pictures for this before my room returned to it’s natural state (aka a disaster), because it’s probably never going to be this clean again.

i love seeing my friends’ rooms for the first time, because i feel like it’s a reflection of who they are. for example, my brother’s room has looked like a dump for the past five years, which perfectly displays his apathetic personality. my best friend’s room is covered in her own artwork. so i thought letting you guys see what my room looks like would help you get to know me better or something.

also, i’m so sorry about the quality of these pictures. the lighting in my room is always horrible, and this is the best i could do.

sorry for getting sidetracked. let’s get into it, i guess.

here it is! :)

my room has been all different shades of ugly in the past, such as dark blue, pale yellow, and lime green, and now it’s back to blue with white and orange accents. the walls are actually two different colors: the one behind my desk is a slightly lighter blue than the others.

here’s a mirror i “borrowed” from my brother years ago and never gave back!

to the right of my mirror is my dresser and dragon tapestry. i don’t like the dresser that much because it doesn’t match the rest of my furniture, but i think it’s special to my mom because she won’t let me get rid of it.

my dresser is sort of where weird knickknacks go to die. there are a bunch of little trinkets on it that i don’t know where else to put.

i have a glass bowl with my favorite lip balms, a piece of petrified wood that i got for valentine’s day last year, some amethyst, and a 10th doctor funko pop that was a christmas present from my brother.

a cactus made out of rocks, some adorable clay animals that megan made, and a tiny music box that plays the song somewhere over the rainbow.

a wormaid from megan, an octopus from allison, a mermaid figurine, and more amethyst.

i usually have some flowers in my room. the current ones are poppies and bachelors buttons.

here’s my favorite part of my room: my desk area. i got the desk from my neighbor years ago and keep painting it different colors to match my room.

i keep some art supplies in a custom mug i got for christmas.

i have an embroidered twenty one pilots quote, an artist mannequin, more flowers, and a salt lamp. apparently salt lamps are supposed to help with anxiety, but i don’t think mine works.

my desk drawers are always messy, especially the bottom one. it’s stuffed with letters and old journals and also some 3ds games. i think my whole life story could be discovered from the contents of that drawer.

the next drawer up is where my sketchbooks, artist trading cards, and drawing books live.

i keep my markers/pens/colored pencils in the top drawer. this drawer used to contains tons and tons of crayons. i’m not sure why.

above the desk is a strand of lights! i’ve hung special odds and ends from the lower section.

there are some paint swatches and a love, simon movie ticket, which i talked about in my latest art post.

a pressed flower crown from my last day of co-op and a sketch from a nature journaling class.

an atc and an old photograph of the light of my life. she hates it, but i think it’s cute. :)

i was trying to figure out how to play the end of all things // panic! at the disco on the ukulele and came up with this.

a weird picture i cut out of a magazine and a paper chain.

my closet is on the other side of the room. there are lots of odd things in there, like a flag from summer camp that reads “semper ubi sub ubi,” (“always wear underwear” in latin) shinguards that haven’t been washed in five seasons, a sort of shrine to one of my dead cats, and maybe even an entire person. who really knows.

beside the closet is my loft bed. it was originally purple, but i painted it white last christmas. or started painting it, anyway. it didn’t actually get finished until a few days ago.

i made my bed for the first time in years to take this picture. it’s extremely hard to make your bed when it’s so far off the ground.

beneath my bed is my reading corner. it’s just a costco dog bed with a body pillow bent around it, but it’s very comfortable. my three favorite stuffed animals live there, who are creatively named kitty and pink bunny. i don’t think i ever named the dog.

my new bookshelf is also under my bed. my parents helped me make it, and i painted the whole thing. unfortunately, i’ve already filled it up, so we’ll have to make another one soon.

i can reach the top of the bookshelf from my bed, so i keep a journal, pen, and flashlight there. that way, i can easily get to some distractions when it’s late and i still haven’t gone to sleep.

my ever growing plant collection takes up one of my windowsills. i’m surprised that they’ve stayed alive this long.

my other windowsill is home to a wooden L (a christmas present from kelsie), a party favor from my friend izzy, and a soccer trophy from elementary school. maybe it’s a dumb thing to keep, since my team didn’t actually win anything, but it’s from the coach who made me fall in love with the sport, so it’s special.

there are two little hooks beside my windows that i hang my favorite necklaces from.

this isn’t super important, but look at how cool my light is! it casts a pretty pattern on the ceiling and makes me feel like i’m on a pirate ship.

so that’s my bedroom! i hope you enjoyed the tour. :)

there’s an empty piece of wall beneath the windows, and i might turn it into one of those picture walls that you see everywhere on tumblr. i’ll definitely show you guys if i ever get around to doing that.

have a good day!

xo apollo

Author: apollo

i'm apollo, a poet & hot mess.

39 thoughts on “room tour”

  1. Oooh, I LOVE room tours, and this one was so much fun to read! My favorite parts were 1) THE RAINBOW BOOKSHELF 2) THE ADORABLE PLANTS, and 3) the gorgeous string lights above your desk! (I have those too and love them.)


  2. Your room is so pretty! Screams because of the beauty of your bookshelf My room is mint green, and it used to be hot pink and purple. 🤢 Ok the purple wasn’t that bad, but the pink…
    I might have to do a room tour soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think your light looks cool! my sis and i have had a bare bulb for the 4-5 years we’ve lived in that room, and a mismatched ceiling fan since one of the blades snapped off and flung itself across the room one night, scaring the living daylights out of us. (it’s funny now, but still. XD )
    Most crazily, ~Olive


  4. Ooh so pretty! I love the colour scheme! It reminds me of a creamsicle.
    My room is so messy, plus I haven’t redecorated since I was six. I would, but the colour of the walls is this weird yellow that I swear makes the room brighter in the mornings. Only redeeming feature about my room is a floor to ceiling bookshelf.

    Liked by 1 person

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