got a heart that wants to vandalize

. . . and run away from you for good! (you don’t love me like you should // hey violet)

one of my favorite things to do downtown is to look at the stickers and graffiti plastered on walls and light poles. lately, i’ve been bringing my camera every time i get a chance to go, and i’ve been photographing the more interesting street art. i have enough to share now, so here goes.

no masters, no slaves is from a song by the varukers. by the way, i only know this because i looked it up, since i don’t know enough about 80’s hardcore punk bands to just have that fact ready to go.

the dog/fox thing is adorable, but those wacked faces are the real reason i took this shot.

hey look, it’s my name! and that thing to the left of the signature looks like a sad, lumpy batman in his old age. sorry, i don’t have a great picture of it. :/

i hope whoever did you wrong has trouble sleeping at night.

this reminds me of the illuminati. i don’t necessarily believe that it still exists, but if it does, i hope i’ll be allowed to join.

our vandals are so nice?? look at that. proper spelling and grammar, and they even said thank you.

constant mood.

help me find this person’s social media. i want to follow them.

the sign mentioned in my prose inspired by p!atd’s song hurricane.

a dynamic café in the court square. it doesn’t look like this anymore — the blue is green, some of the murals have been covered, and the giant bucket list chalkboard is gone. but it still makes me happy to see the art whenever i walk by.

the last time i was downtown, a group of people were giving the café a makeover. i can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done.

this is the kind of art i want to create. i’ve been to plenty of art galleries with my mum, and i feel like art that’s displayed behind glass doesn’t get admired enough. but with murals, you can run your hands over the brushstrokes and stare up at this giant splash of color in the midst of a buzzing city. and i think that more people would get to see the art, because when you find a mural, you generally take a picture in front of it to show your friends. idk, i just hope i get a chance to make art like this someday.

photo by my mum

this isn’t downtown, it’s actually by a river near my house. but i like it and didn’t know when else i would get to share it.

there are a few more murals downtown that i don’t have pictures of, like a color block one with the outline of a woman’s face, a fortune teller leaning over a crystal ball, an abstract horse, a nervous rock star, and more that i haven’t found yet but that i know are there.

 a lot of people think graffiti is ugly and disrespectful, and i guess some of it is. but as long as it’s not super vulgar or slapped across the front of a fancy building, i think it’s fascinating and definitely a form of art.

have a nice day! :)

xo apollo


Author: apollo

i'm apollo, a loser who listens to music too much. i enjoy art, writing, photography, traveling, and trying to outrun my feelings.

6 thoughts on “got a heart that wants to vandalize”

    1. yeah, it amazes me how precise some graffiti is, even though it’s generally done with spray paint, which is pretty hard to work with.

      xo apollo


  1. I love graffiti. It just seems so…well, arty. I think the cafe was my favourite, here, though they are all so cool.
    I reccomend someday you should go to Toronto. Everything is covered in graffiti, including your typical name-sparypainted-on-wall, but there’s also incredible stuff, like a huge graffiti street art thingy of a dragon in Chinatown.


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