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hey pals, i made an aesthetic for myself, am i cool and relevant now??  i’ve also written a caption for each picture explaining how it represents me.

(inspired by life in a blogshell.)

  it’s no surprise that i’m a huge bookworm. i’ve been reading for as long as i can remember, mostly fantasy stories, because i get to focus on dragons and magic and epic quests for a bit instead of real life. but recently i’ve been getting into contemporary, paranormal, and poetry.

of course music is on here, it’s such a huge part of my life. for me, there’s almost nothing better than finding a new band that i love. music has always been there, it’s something to fall back on, and the music i listen to has definitely shaped me as a person. (click here for music recommendations.)

i’m gonna be honest: getting older absolutely terrifies me. as much as i want to move out, live alone, and do my own thing, i hate the thought of growing up. i don’t want to see myself physically aging (it’s kind of an irrational fear of mine, i guess), and i don’t want to know that i’ve wasted so many years of my life, and that there’s no way to get them back.

i live in a valley, and it’s a great place for adventuring: mountains everywhere, rivers and lakes, fields, as well as a downtown area for urban exploring. wandering by myself or with a friend is one of my favorite things to do, and i wish i did it more often. when i go on walks, i always bring my camera with me and end up picking lots of flowers.

i like to think of myself as punk /grunge, but the truth is, i’m probably just emo. however, i do love punk music, clothes, ideology, etc. something about it makes me feel confident and fierce.

there’s no way for me to express just how much i adore camp. i love the heat and sweat, the laughter, the crappy food, the smell of the lake, the woods, the rainstorms, the annoying campfire songs — everything about it. i’ll be old enough to work at mine when i’m sixteen, and i can’t wait.

i saw something online that said “i’m glad it’s cold outside again so i can wear cool jackets instead of having a personality,” and if that doesn’t sum me up, idk what does. i currently have a leather jacket and a denim one that houses my growing collection of pins and patches.

i could try to explain my fascination with ghosts with something deep and gloomy about loss, but the truth is that i just like paranormal stuff. aliens, cryptids, hauntings, etc. are just super interesting to me, and while i don’t really believe they all exist, they’re fun to think about and search for.

i’ve tried a few instruments in my life (flute + guitar), and ukulele is the only one i’ve stuck with so far. it’s incredibly easy to learn, everything sounds happy on it, and i love taking pictures of it because it’s so small and adorable.

i hope you guys enjoyed reading this! if any of you create an aesthetic for yourself, i’d love to see it. :) i made mine using canva and images from pinterest.

xo apollo


Author: apollo

i'm apollo, a poet & hot mess.

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