help name my plants

hey, pals.

i currently have six plants, which i guess makes me a plant mom. but only one of them has a name, which makes me a very bad plant mom. because what kind of loving parent doesn’t name their children?

i’m very indecisive when it comes to naming things, which is probably why i refer to my leafy friends as “my plants” instead of making a decision. but today, i would like your help picking out names for them.

let’s meet my photosynthesizing babies.

plant #1

this is the first succulent i got. i bought another one at the same time, but it did not make it (r.i.p. in peace). sometimes the tips turn purple.

the rim was originally white, and yes, it looks really gross right now. i know i should repaint it, but how am i supposed to do that while constantly having an existential crisis??

plant #2

this one blooms with a big, spiky orange flower, and it actually already has a name, but i’m including it so it doesn’t feel left out. this is barakat, named after jack barakat from all time low.

plant #3 

my dad surprised me with this guy one day. the pot looks like an egg and it’s fun to rub.

plants #4 and #5

i’ll probably have to separate them eventually, but for now, these two are twins. the plant that died was the same kind as these, but hopefully they’ll have better luck. you can’t see it super well in this picture, but the one on the left has dark purple tips.

plant #6

i bought this lil succulent at the same time as #4 and #5, so i guess they’re technically triplets? anyway, this is the runt of the family. i forgot to water it for a few weeks, so it has some dead leaves around the bottom, and it might not last long. please keep it in your prayers.

it would be super helpful if you guys would give me some name suggestions in the comments. i’ll post an update once i decide what to call all of them. :)

xo apollo


Author: apollo

i'm apollo, a poet & hot mess.

84 thoughts on “help name my plants”

  1. Plant #1 – Lillia
    Plant #2 – Barakat XD
    Plant #3 – Dorian
    Plant #4 + 5 – Ginny and Jimmy. They’re obviously twins, and Ginny just dressed up a little more. Rock those purple tips, girl!
    Plant #6 – Phoebe – as in Phoebus Apollo from Greek mythology. :D

    This was fun! Hope I’m not too late . . .



  2. They look so cute! Here are some random name ideas:

    For twins:
    1. Ella & Ellie
    2. Sandy & Mandy
    3. Fynn & Flick

    For Single Plants:
    1. Annie
    2. Brady
    3. Charlotte
    4. Derek
    5. Emma(line)
    6. Fabian

    Hope these help!


  3. emilio, archibald, paelen? that’s all i’ve got man XD you could name the twins cole and dylan but only if you like the sprouse twins and if you don’t mind one of them being named after one of your family members.

    these plants are super cute, dude.




  4. Ooo nice plants! I have a literal family of spider plants and a single air plant. I have no name suggestions, sorry.


  5. here are the real name of the plants
    3zebra haworthia
    4 &5 still learning anyone knows the name ,thankyou.


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